New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators

NZSASI Officers

Alister Buckingham | President
Alister Buckingham | President
Mike Zaytsoff | Vice-President
Mike Zaytsoff | Vice-President
Wayne Jones | Secretary/Treasurer
Wayne Jones | Secretary/Treasurer

A brief history

In October 1984, a group of like-minded New Zealand-resident ISASI members decided to bid for the hosting of the 1986 ISASI seminar. For the record, these august gentlemen were: Ron Chippindale, George Oldfield, Selwyn Hetherington, Peter Rhodes, and Ivan Strathern. Their bid was successful, and the seminar was held in Rotorua in October 1986, a venue that proved to be very popular – and profitable. The net surplus was approximately NZ$38,000, half of which was remitted to ISASI in accordance with seminar policy.


Now well provided for financially, NZSASI officially began life at its inaugural meeting in Auckland on 3 September 1987, attended by seven members, with an apology for one unable to attend (chances are that he was out on an accident site somewhere). The Society’s first Executive comprised: Ron Chippindale, President; Selwyn Hetherington, Vice-President; George Oldfield, Secretary/Treasurer; and Peter Rhodes, Chairman Membership Committee. The NZSASI Constitution was adapted from the parent Society’s.

Small beginnings, but membership rose to around the 70 mark over the years, and remained reasonably steady until 2020-21. The profound effect of Covid-19 on aviation was reflected in the membership numbers as of the date of the 2021 BGM – 43, including seven Life Members. There are also three New Zealand Corporate Members.

The last ISASI seminar hosted by NZSASI was held in Auckland over the week of 22-27 September 1996. This was another very popular seminar (and profitable – it doubled the Society’s already heathy bank balance). Planning was well under way to host the 2012 ISASI seminar in Auckland, but it became evident that it was too great a financial risk for NZSASI to continue. Other factors were involved, but financial jeopardy was the main reason for abandoning the project.

The annual ANZSASI seminars have always been well-subscribed, but Covid-19 has impacted heavily on these events. The seminar originally scheduled for June 2020 on the Gold Coast is now scheduled for June 2023. There is no ANZSASI seminar planned for 2022, due to the international seminar being held in Brisbane from 28 August-to 2 September 2022. Assuming that all goes to plan, NZSASI’s next turn to host the regional seminar will be in June 2024. Preliminary details should be available at the time of the 2023 seminar.

Current NZSASI Officers

President: Alister Buckingham
Vice-President: Mike Zaytsoff

Secretary/Treasurer: Wayne Jones

NZ Councillor: Alister Buckingham

Past Presidents

1987-2004: Ron Chippindale

2004-2010: Peter Williams

2010-2012: Alan Moselen

2012-2017: Alister Buckingham

2017-2019: Graham Streatfield

2019-2021: Paul Breuilly

Forthcoming Events

Although there are no NZSASI events currently scheduled, see the last paragraph in this section. At the 2021 biennial general meeting on 9 July 2021, the possibility of interacting with like-minded other societies was discussed, and in keeping with that idea, our Vice-President Mike has organised a monthly series of webinars in conjunction with the Honourable Company of Air Pilots (formerly GAPAN).

We have had several great presentations to date; Mike is always on the lookout for future presenters, so if any member from either society has a good investigation story (which could be one from a previous seminar), Mike would be pleased to hear from you.

These webinars are held on the second Wednesday of each month, at 1000 NZST (0800 AEST). For non-members (of HCAP/NZSASI) wishing to participate, please let Mike know in advance at as there is a cap on the number of participants (a Zoom account limit).

This year, NZSASI’s 35th anniversary falls on 3 September – the Saturday immediately following the Brisbane seminar. No plans yet exist for a local celebration, but any suggestions will be welcomed! It certainly rates a mention at the seminar itself.


Thanks are due to ASASI for graciously allowing NZSASI to share their website; the groundwork for this was done by our immediate past Executive – Paul Breuilly (Pres) and Lou Child (VP and latterly Sec/Treas). Both stepped down from their roles because of punishing workloads in their primary employment, and the new Executive will be building on their achievements over the past two years.


The NZSASI page will be updated from time to time as new events or information come to hand. NZSASI newsletters will also be posted periodically.