ASASI Scholarship

ASASI Flight Safety Australia Scholarship

The Australian Society of Air Safety Investigators (ASASI) has joined with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to encourage and assist tertiary-level students involved in the field of aviation safety and aircraft occurrence investigation.


CASA is the government body that regulates Australian aviation safety and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas. It employs about 800 people working across Australia to keep our skies safe for all. CASA cites its mission to be the promotion of a positive and collaborative safety culture through a fair, effective and efficient aviation safety regulatory system, supporting our aviation community. This mission is consistent with the ASASI objective of ‘Air Safety Through Investigation’.


Our mutual safety collaboration has led to the provision of this annual scholarship, funded by CASA to promote the Flight Safety Australia magazine.
Flight Safety Australia is CASA’s flagship aviation safety magazine and is available online and in print format (via subscription). It contains topical, technical, but reader-friendly, articles written by a team of local and international contributors covering all the key aviation safety issues. Principal amongst the diversity of topics is the interface between human factors and the operational systems utilised to operate our industry on a daily basis.



The Task

To participate, a student is required to submit a 2000-word paper, in English, addressing the specified topic.

ASASI are currently finalising the 2024 Scholarship.




The ASASI – Flight Safety Australia Scholarship will provide an annual allocation of up to AUD $2000 to support return travel, accommodation, and registration at the annual ANZSASI Seminars held in Australia or New Zealand.




Applicants must be enrolled as students in an ASASI recognised Australian education program, including studies in aircraft engineering, air operations, airline
management, aviation psychology, aviation safety or aircraft occurrence investigation. There is no requirement for applicants to be members of ASASI.



Administration of the Scholarship

ASASI will be the arbiters of the award and will be responsible for the assessment of submissions and the determination of the most suitable candidate.
The ASASI Treasurer will oversee all expenditures and ensure that the education program is conducted at a recognised education program and is applicable to the aims of the Society.


Annual Scholarship

The annual scholarship will support student attendance at an ANZSASI Annual Seminar in Australia or New Zealand to present their paper.
An award of AUD $2000 will be made to the student whose paper is adjudged as the most meritorious submission by the assessors.
Any expenses above and beyond the amount of the award will be borne by the recipient. ASASI will assist with coordination and control the expenditure of funds.


The application form will be made available via the link below once the Scholarship has been formalised.