Industry Papers

The following paper was presented by the Chair of the APCSWG, Susan Rice, at the Australian New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators (ANZSASI) Conference in Auckland 6-7 June 2015.

Isolation Does Not Mean Autonomy - The Asia Pacific Cabin Safety Working Group (APCSWG)

Other cabin safety papers:

NTSB: Asiana Airlines 6 July 2013. Survival Factors Group Chairman's Factual Report. 2013.

UNSW: P. Bhatt. Flammability of Cabin Crew Uniforms. 2008.

ISASI Paper: Cabin Safety Investigation Guidelines. Revised 4/99.

CASA: Carriage and restraint of small children in aircraft

FAA: Portable Electronic Devices (PED)

FAA: Cabin Safety Subject Index - Revision 30

The following papers were provided by Mr Nick Butcher, former Head of Cabin Safety at the UK CAA and former Chair of the Cabin Safety Regulatory Panel to EASA (then JAA) for the introduction into service of the Airbus A380.

Royal Aero. Society: Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transport Aircraft - Part 1 Reference. Second Edition 2013.

Royal Aero. Society: Smoke, Fire and Fumes in Transport Aircraft - Part 2 Training. First Edition 2014.

UK CAA Paper 2009/01. Cabin Crew Fire Training.

The following investigation reports and research reports were published by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB):

ATSB: A. Parker. Public Attitudes, Perceptions and Behaviours towards Cabin Safety Communications. 2006.

ATSB: L. Thomas, S. O'Ferrall and A. Caird-Daley. Evacuation Commands for Optimal Passenger Management. 2006.

ATSB: BO/200302980. B747-438 VH-OJU Brake Fire and Evacuation at Sydney 2 July 2003.