Position Name
President John Guselli   M: 0419 015684
Vice President Alf Jonas
Treasurer Paul Mayes
Secretary Paul Mayes



Position Name
President Frank Del Gandio
Executive Advisor Richard Stone
Vice President Ron Schleede
Secretary Chad Balentine
Treasurer Bob MacIntosh 



Position Name
Australian Paul Mayes
Canadian Barbara Dunn
European Olivier Ferrante 
International Caj Frostell
New Zealand Alister Buckingham
United States Toby Carroll



Position Name
Air Traffic Services Scott Dunham (Chairman), Ladislav Mika (Deputy)
Military Aviation Safety Bret Tesson
Cabin Safety ISASI Joann Matley Sheehan
Corporate Affairs Erin Carroll
Flight Recorder Michael Poole
General Aviation James Viola
Government Air Safety Investigators Frank Del Gandio (Chairman), Marcus Costa (Facilitator)
Human Factors Edma Naddaf
Investigators Training & Education Graham Braithwaite
ICAO Ron Schleede/Bob MacIntosh
Positions Working Group Ron Schleede
Unmanned Aerial Systems Tom Farrier




  • Life Member - A modification to the member's basic membership class upon achieving the age of (70) years, following at least five (5) years continuous membership prior to eligibility.
  • Charter Member - A member or Corporate Member whose initial membership date in the Society of Air Safety Investigators predates June 30, 1965.
  • Honary Member - Any person, not a member of ISASI, who has made an outstanding contribution to aviation safety or accident investigation.
  • Fellow - An elected senior membership class established to recognise extraordinary professional achievement and contribution to ISASI.
  • Member - A professional membership class requiring at least five (5) years active experience as an air safety investigator.
  • Associate Member - A professional membership class for air safety investigators who do not yet fulfil the requirements for Member.
  • Affiliate Member - A public, non professional membership class for persons who support ISASI's goals and objectives.
  • Student Member - A membership class for students who support ISASI's goals and objectives.
  • Corporate Member - Any organisation which has an interest in the safety of flight.



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