Welcome to ASASI

The Australian Society of Air Safety Investigators (ASASI) was formed in 1978 after an inaugural meeting held in Melbourne, Victoria. ASASI was formed to better serve and represent the views of Air Safety Investigators in Australia. Since then ASASI has grown to a membership of 150 plus and now hosts a biennial conference in conjunction with the New Zealand Society of Air Safety Investigators (NZSASI). ASASI is affiliated with ISASI.


    The International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI) was founded in the United States under articles of incorporation in the District of Columbia on August 14, 1964.

    The Society formed to promote air safety by the exchange of ideas, experience and information about aircraft accident investigation, and to otherwise aid in the advancement of safety,

  • -to promote technical advancement by providing professional education through lectures displays and presentations and by the exchange of information for the mutual development of improved investigations,

    -to broaden professional relationships among members,

    -to maintain and increase the prestige standing and influence of the Air Safety Investigator in matters of air safety.

    If you are interested in joining or need more information on ASASI or ISASI, please fill out the form and email to the secretary of ASASI or download the ASASI/ISASI Membership Application Form.

Calendar of Events

  • December 2018
    ASASI/ISASI Annual Dues renewal.

    January 2019
    31 Jan.
    Final date for Annual Dues renewal to avoid a late fee.

    March 2019
    5 - 6 March
    Asia-Pacific Cabin Safety Working Group Meeting, Brisbane. Details here.

    May 2019
    3 May
    International Council Meeting, Washington DC.

    June 2019
    7 - 9 June
    ANZSASI 2019
    Intercontinental Hotel, Wellington.
    Details here.

    7 June
    Asia-Pacific Cabin Safety Working Group Meeting, Wellington.

    September 2019
    2 - 6 September
    ISASI 2019
    The Hague, Netherlands.
    More details later.

    November 2019
    12 - 13 Nov.
    Asia-Pacific Cabin Safety Working Group Meeting, Canberra.